Evernote Food: Filling in for The Hungry Fan

All sports fans encounter a quintessential problem before, during, and/or after an intense game: where do we eat? Where the Athletes Eat strives to give you easy access to recipes that fulfill the cravings of any sports fans, but what if you’re out and about and looking for a quick bite to eat after watching a game?

Luckily, your smartphone could end up being your best friend in times like these – if it isn’t already. Ever since the “Food and Drink” category went live on Apple’s App store in 2012, we’ve seen an influx of foodie apps hit the market, with many people now preferring recipe apps over more traditional cookbooks and magazine. 888 Holdings, which powers Total Gold, claims that “Targeted marketing has helped to increase revenue year on year” and that they “have seen success in our mobile strategy, with 30% of revenue generated through our dedicated app.” Today, we have thousands and thousands of food apps, but one certainly takes the cake: Evernote Food.

Evernote Food isn’t geared towards sports fans, but that just means it has more support. Available for iOS and Android, it searches for new places to dine and preserves some of your home-made recipes, even some of the best eat-out moments. Aside from taking note of your daily meals, Evernote Food also allows you to access a pool of interactive recipes, pin your favorites from the list into your own virtual cookbook, and note names of restaurants for future dining.

Four basic features
As you launch the app, it displays four of its main features: Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants, and My Meals.

Explore Recipes
It pulls recipes from a selection of food blogs pre-configured with Evernote. The manner at which the images are presented lives up to its huge thumbnail aesthetic. You can also pin (similar to Pinterest) your preferred recipe blogs on a virtual cookbook, if you want to create your own version of the dish. The app directly goes to the main website of the source for full details.

My Cookbook
After pinning certain recipes, the My Cookbook tab narrows them down into two sources: the Explore Recipes and the Evernote account. If you have a cluttered account, Evernote Food identifies and categorizes your recipes automatically into groups such as Main Course, Appetizer, Side Dishes, Baking, Breakfast, etc. However, you may encounter minor glitches, wherein the app mistakenly identifies a regular note as a recipe. In this case, you can hit the “Not A Recipe” button to remove it from the list.

The Restaurants tab narrows down a list of actual dining places. Using your device’s GPS, it browses the web for the nearest bars, cafes, and hangout places, based on the keywords you typed. In PCMag’s review (http://www.pcmag.com), the best feature of this tab is its ability to relate any restaurant information to your Evernote account, allowing you to access its map and menu.

My Meals
The My Meals tab employs an Instagram-like mechanism, where you can post notes and photos of the food you ate, the location, or the people you’re with. You can incorporate additional information, such as the date, place, and time of the dining experience.

Logging meals
Surprisingly, logging meals is a different feature from the My Meals section. MakeUseOf said this feature is the heart of the app, serving as a diet log to record all your meals. To use this feature, there are certain field you need to fill in, including an automatic location tagging feature to share the name of the dining place with your friends. Additionally, you can view the images fully by pulling down a gripper below it.

Clipping restaurants
Clipping restaurants is also possible in the app, a feature powered by Foursquare. Aside from searching for new restaurants, you can use Foursquare to search the location of your upcoming trip. It displays a restaurant’s map, address, contact information, and photos of the place. However, Foursquare will only be able to tap into the information that users provide. Thus, it works best in the cities where you’ve used the geolocation tool beforehand.

This sums up why Evernote Food is the best mobile tool for the food junkie. Combining a Geo-tagging feature and an Instagram-like photo-hosting service, it certainly lives up to conjure the best dining experience.

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MMP- Freddy Fender2

MLB Ballparks Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

July is National Hot Dog Month and the folks at Aramark are delivering gourmet hot dogs at nine MLB ballparks. The list includes some crazy concoctions like the Philly Cheese Steak Dog and the Blazin Buffalo Chicken Dog. Check out the slideshow and read the descriptions below on all of the hot dogs that Aramark offers at their various ballparks.

Citi Field

Nathan’s Famous All Beef Hot Dog- Hot dogs are synonymous with baseball and few are better known than Coney Island’s own Nathan’s, which are available throughout the ballpark.

Pastrami Dog-Two New York classics in one bite – Nathan’s Famous all beef hot dog topped with house-braised pastrami

Citizens Bank Park

Summer Dog- Philly Frank topped with cucumbers, pickled onion salsa and ancho pepper sauce

Philly Cheese Steak Dog- Philly Frank topped with Philadelphia cheese steak, served wit or wit out onions

Slab Bacon Dog – Philly Frank served with a strip of slab bacon and melted cheese

Coors Field

Rockie DogTen inch Hebrew National hot dog topped with grilled peppers, sauerkraut and onions

Blue Cheese Bacon DogHot dog topped with blue cheese crumbles, chopped bacon, chopped red onions and blue cheese dressing 

Fenway Park

Fenway Frank – Kayem hot dog, can be  topped with brown mustard, relish, and assorted other condiments, in a New England-style bun

Kauffman Stadium

Blazin’ Buffalo Chicken Dog– All-beef hot dog topped with pulled chicken in buffalo sauce and coleslaw

All-Star BBQ Dog- All-beef hot dog with pulled pork, coleslaw, pickle slices and barbecue sauce

Kansas City Dog- All-beef hot dog topped with Swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut and Boulevard Pale Ale Mustard

Minute Maid Park

Freddy Fender- From Chef Bryan Caswell, chorizo sausage, wrapped in a corn tortilla and deep fried, topped with tequila braised onions, pico de gallo, cotija cheese and a cilantro sour cream

Texas Dog- Bacon wrapped hot dog topped with jalapeno relish on a Texas Toast bun

Columbian Dog- Hot dog topped with pineapple sauce, crushed potato chips, garlic mayo and ketchup

PNC Park

Polish Hill Dog- Hebrew National foot long topped with mini potato pierogies, coleslaw and homemade onion straws

Smokehouse Dog- Hebrew National foot long topped with house smoked pulled pork, homemade onion straws and Kansas City style barbecue sauce

Rogers Centre

Garrison Creek Grilled Foot Long Hot Dog- Grilled foot long hot dog with sautéed peppers and grilled onions

Turner Field

Georgia Dog- Foot-long all beef hot dog topped with coleslaw and Vidalia onion relish

Dixie Dog- foot-long, all beef National Deli hot dog with pulled barbeque pork, mustard barbeque sauce, creamy southern slaw and sweet pickle

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McDonald’s Brazil Burger

McDonald’s locations in Japan are selling a burger with a soccer ball shaped bun for the World Cup. The McDonald’s Brazil Burger happens to look like a fancy Royale with Cheese from the picture.

Thanks to Bryan Armen Graham for sharing.

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photo 2

Beer At The Rogers Centre

Aramark and the Toronto Blue Jays have done a wonderful job upgrading the concession stands at the Rogers Centre over the last few years. The food that Aramark is producing is high quality and comparable with any other ballpark I’ve been to. They have also improved the beer selection at the Rogers Centre to include 26 beer options.

The list of beers is fairly impressive. Of course they have the Budweiser family of beers, along with some great international brands like Becks, Lowenbrau, and Stella Artois. The prices however, are among the most expensive in the Major Leagues. The cost of a domestic tall can is $10.25, domestic draft is $10.50, and a premium tall can is $11.25.

Beer at Rogers Centre 1Beer At Rogers Centre 2

The one thing that is missing from this list are local craft beers. In an age where Major League Baseball teams like the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins have put a focus on local craft beer, the Blue Jays have removed the only option they had at the stadium (Steam Whistle).

There are plenty of rumors as to why Steam Whistle was not invited back for a second season at the Rogers Centre and I am not going to speculate, but providing some form of local craft beer option should be something that Aramark and the Blue Jays look to add to the current roster.

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The Three Pointer, NBA Finals- Credit-Aramark

AT&T Center Introduces The 3 Pointer Sandwich

The following is courtesy of Aramark Sports.

When the San Antonio Spurs take on the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, “The 3 Pointer” Sandwich, a new triple-decker sandwich added to the concessions menu for the NBA Finals, will be available for hungry fans at the AT&T Center.

Aramark, the AT&T Center’s concessions partner, has created The 3 Pointer – A tribute to the Spurs’ Big Three – featuring three barbecued meats (Pork, Smoked Beef Brisket & Sausage), three cheeses (Texas Havarti, Muenster, Queso Fresco), Mexican Coca Cola Caramelized Onions and a choice of sauce (Root Beer BBQ, Adobo BBQ Sauce or Creole Mustard BBQ), sandwiched between three slices of Texas Toast. Available in general concessions at the Smokehouse BBQ stand, section 122, for $12.50.

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Hungry Fan 1

Reviewing The Hungry Fan App

When I first heard about the Hungry Fan App I was really excited, as the concept was something I had thought about myself. The App, which was released in November 2013, helps sports fans find food that is being sold at stadiums and arenas, which is one of the major focus areas for our site and forum.

I had the opportunity to attend a Toronto Blue Jays game this past weekend, so I thought I would use the App to help me determine what I should eat.

First things first, the biggest issue I have with the App is the fact that it doesn’t list out all the stadiums that it has in its database. Now for 99.9% of people using the App, they will know which stadium they are going to, so they can easily type in the name of the stadium and get the information they want. But I think being able to search for stadiums buy league would help the user experience (just my two cents).

A day before the game I logged into the Hungry Fan App and searched for the Rogers Centre (not knowing if it was even in the App) and I was happy to get a result. Once I am into the App I am impressed with the interface. It is clean and intuitive. The App tells me that there are 29 venues to get concession items at the stadium.

photo 2

Next step is to check out some of the menus. The Corktown Fresh Burger Stand sounds new so I’ll take a look. When you click on the name of the concession stand, the App tells you the section it is located (which is awesome) and it gives you the menu with prices (also awesome).

One of the things I wanted to check on when I was at the game was how accurate the menu’s that are on the App (including prices) compare to reality. So I spot checked a couple of the stands including the Corktown Fresh Burger and the Muddy York Market. The results were not the greatest. The prices did not line up with the App at the stands I looked at and the items that are available at the Muddy York Market are not reflective of what is shown in the App. An example of which is the Meatball Hoagie that I purchased from the Muddy York Market. It did not come up on the App for that stand. Both of these inconsistencies are likely an issue with updated menus from season to season.

Hungry Fan 3

The next step was to utilize the filter function, where you can select certain categories of food (like Mexican and BBQ) and the App will tell you which concession stands will feed your craving. This is another great feature of the App as it will prevent you from wasting time looking for something rather than watching the game itself and it is perfect for people with restricted diets. Unfortunately, this feature did not work so great during my visit as I searched for gluten free and got zero results.

Hungry Fan 4Hungry FAN 5


Based on my past visits and my dealings with Aramark, the food and beverage partner for the Rogers Centre, I do believe the stadium has gluten free options so I was surprised to see nothing come up on the App.

Overall I think the App is great. When you are at the ballpark or the arena searching for the type of food you want is just a click away. However, they still need to work out the kinks on their filter function and it will be interesting to see how they keep up with new menu additions and changes to pricing over time.

If you want to give your thoughts on the Hungry Fan App, be sure to do so in the Forum!


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Thai Rice Noodle Salad 2

Thai Rice Noodle Salad Recipe – Game Day Food

This is recipe that just screams summer. It is a great variation on the standard pasta salad. Rice noodles and Thai flavors will make your guests beg you for the recipe!

Thai Rice Noodle Salad Recipe
serves 4 -6

What you need:

200g package of rice noodles
1 mango, slice
½ red pepper, sliced
½ red onion, thinly, sliced
Bunch of cilantro
Bunch of Thai basil, cut into ribbons
Juice of 3 limes
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup vinegar
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
½ tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
2 cloves garlic

  1. To make the dressing combine the lime juice, sugar, vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and garlic into a food processor and pulse to combine.
  2. Cook the rice noodles as per package directions and immediately transfer to an ice bath to cool.
  3. When the noodles are cool, drain and add to a large bowl. Add the mango, red pepper, red onion, cilantro, and Thai basil to the bowl. Combine.
  4. Add the dressing when you are ready to serve.
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LA Dodgers Serving A Pittsburgh Dog At Dodgers Stadium

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend and they have a special concession item that they will be serving to fans at Dodger Stadium. The Pittsburgh Dog is a hot dog topped with coleslaw and french fries, the toppings of the famous Primanti Bros. sandwiches.

It may not sound like it tastes great, but if it is anything like the sandwiches from Primanti Bros., it will be delicious.

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Burgertyme with Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots is testing out his talents as a talk show host on YouTube with a new show called “Burgertyme with Julian Edelman”.

In the first episode, Edelman shows off his comedic talents while interviewing his teammate, Chandler Jones. The two talk football, UFC, and of course burgers.

We think Edelman may have a winner with this one.

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Vince Wilfork Cooking Ribs

First off, I wanna give the big man some respect as it looks like he has some serious BBQ game. Unfortunately, he looks like a middle aged white dude with those dance movies.

Check out the video of New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork cooking ribs and jammin!

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