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#UltimateFoodRoadTrip – Rascal House Pizza – Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph Forte brings us the latest stop in the Ultimate Food Road Trip. He takes us on a ride to Cleveland, Ohio and Rascal House Pizza.

Road trips are always filled with twists, turns, adventures and the consumption of copious amounts of booze.  Every good road trip also comes with people devouring some of the most delicious, mouth-watering foods that human taste buds have ever been exposed to.  Regardless of an individual’s state, the taste buds always know a fine, appetizing meal when it’s consumed.

It was March 2010 and I had the opportunity to indulge and feast on the best, not perhaps the best, but “the BEST” chicken wings I’ve ever ingested.  At this point, one may guess The Anchor Bar, home of the original chicken wing in Buffalo, New York. However, let’s take that car ride a little further southwest and stop in C-Town, as the Frat House Brothers of Karen Crescent like to call it.

Cleveland, Ohio rests alongside Lake Erie and is home to the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, The Q, Quicken Loans Arena and of course, Rascal House Pizza.  Rascal House Pizza is considered a diamond in the rough and almost two years to the date, I have yet to indulge in such a finely tuned chicken wing.

My wife and I stumbled upon this beauty by chance as we took in a couple of first round match ups at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  The atmosphere was electric as George Mason University (G-M-U-WWWHHHAATTT?) and Villanova went back and forth in a buzzer beater thriller.  A game of this magnitude surely struck up some hunger and off to Rascal House Pizza we scampered.

Rascal House Pizza is a quick stop pizza shop located in downtown Cleveland on Euclid Avenue.  The environment is laid back, perfect for casual dining, and is filled with old fashion booths, tables and chairs.  Wait staff are prompt and diligent and a small selection of nicely brewed beers are cold and readily available.  The menu is plentiful with traditional bar style foods such as pizza, sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads all available for order.  The overall cleanliness of the joint is okay, definitely not the worst I’ve been to, but not the cleanest either.  However, after my experience with the chicken wings, this issue became a buried thought, laid peacefully to rest with the people who spoke such words.

My wife and I thought that complimenting our beers with plump, buffalo style chicken wings or “Cleveland Style” wings as I now like to call them, was the best choice.  Rascal House Pizza, to our surprise, did not disappoint one iota.

The highly touted chicken wings are deep fried to perfection with their inner juices running wild and clear.  The hot sauce, a mix only the rascals know, neatly bleeds off the wings providing just the right amount of kick that would have any spicy wing lover salivating for more.  Blue cheese is provided in heaping bunches with very generous offerings of celery and carrots, neatly stacked alongside the bowl.

My mouth continues to water as I wrap up this piece.  My imagination runs freely as I wonder, if only this chicken wing haven were closer to home.  If the next road trip takes you to the wonderful lands of Cleveland, Ohio and cravings for chicken wings creep into the body, Rascal House Pizza is highly recommended and should land on your food radar.

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