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Bloody Mary Recipe Featuring Benny’s Beef Straws, Miller Park

One of the really cool things about Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is the Bloody Mary bar. For Sunday games you can build your own Bloody Mary by adding as many garnishes that you can on a skewer to go along with the classic cocktail. The Brewers also feature a very unique item: Benny’s Beef Straws. The beef straws were made for Bloody Mary’s, work great as a straw and taste great.

Bloody Mary Recipe  – What you need:
makes 1 Bloody Mary

-3 oz. tomato juice
-1-1/2 oz. vodka
-1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
-dash of Worcestershire sauce
-Tabasco sauce, as much or as little as you’d like
-celery salt
-fresh ground pepper
-celery stalk
-Benny’s Beef Straw

1. Rub the rim of a high ball glass with a slice of lime. Dip the rim of the glass into a mixture of celery salt and freshly ground pepper.

2. Add ice cubes to the glass and pour in your vodka, tomato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco. Mix well and add a celery stalk and beef straw for garnish.

This is a really basic Bloody Mary recipe and things can get much crazier at Miller Park when it comes to the garnishes. But the key to making a good Bloody Mary is to use really good vodka and fresh lime juice. These two things will go a long way. And if you want to do something unique like garnish with a cheeseburger, go right ahead.

Thanks to Ben Hirko, President of Benny’s Beef Straws for sending out a sample pack of beef straws so I could try them out with this recipe. They were delicious!


Check back often to see what ballpark food recipe Tony will cook up next.

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